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Documentary – The Amazing Mistery of the Crop Circles!

Crop Circles - Swirl

Crop Circles - Swirl

Every summer, throughout the South of England and many other places around the world, crops are used as a giant canvas on which strange geometrical shapes of extreme complexity are painted by unknown artists. some say they’re a man made hoax, some that its aliens. Regardless of what the answer to this question is, the truth is that they’re truly amazing.

Attracted by the underlying mistery behind the crop circle phenomenon, the Academy Award nominee and Emmy award winner documentary filmmaker William Gazecki, embarked on a voyage of discovery to try and explain, or at least begin to understand the crop circle phenomenon, which resulted in the release of the 2002 documentary “Crop Circles: Quest for truth”.

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Watch the full version of “Crop Circles: Quest for truth”

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