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Documentary: God and the Universe!

String Theory: God and the Universe

String Theory: God and the Universe

Throughout the history of human kind, from the understanding of our world as being flat, to string theory and evolutionary darwinian theories, science has fought against the prejudices of religions. Currently, through advances in theoretical physics, we are as close as ever to unveil the hidden equations that would unify the very large with the very small, quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory. However, there is a conceptual battle that has been going on since the dawn of civilisations between science and religion, as we draw closer to answering some of the fundamental question dealing with the origins of the universe, the pitch for this war is as confusing and blurry as ever. Where does science stop and metaphysics and the need for a transcendent being and religion start?


Watch this God and the Universe documentary for points of view and information on this subject!

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